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Textile Waste Recycling Trophy

Textile Waste Recycling Trophy

SARTEX GROUP, steadfast in its commitment to uphold our beliefs and sustainability culture, was thrilled to actively participate in a textile waste recycling event organized by JCI Ksar Hellal. This remarkable event showcased our dedication to environmental preservation and waste reduction, both of which are crucial in today’s world.

During this event, our dedicated employees demonstrated their exceptional creativity and ingenuity by crafting the most outstanding artistic and decorative elements from textile waste. As a result, they earned prestigious accolades, exemplifying our organization’s unwavering commitment to sustainability and innovation.

Such initiatives hold immense significance in our ongoing efforts to protect the environment and contribute to a greener future. By recycling textile waste, we can make a positive impact on reducing environmental degradation and fostering a more eco-friendly society.

At SARTEX GROUP, we remain devoted to embracing responsible practices and promoting sustainability, ensuring that we play a vital role in preserving our planet for generations to come. Together, with partners like JCI Ksar Hellal, we strive to inspire positive change and champion a cleaner, more sustainable world.